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The Waterproof Group Foundation Repair Systems


The Waterproof Group has 2 in-house certified structural evaluators; therefore, you can feel comfortable knowing that The Waterproof Group is proving you the best system and installation.


Why Foundation Repair is Needed



Your homes foundation is the most vital part of your homes structure.  Whether you live in your home for decades or you sell your home a few years after buying it, the foundation needs to be structurally sound.



Many reasons could be causing your foundation failure problems, such as improper drainage around your home, incorrectly installed downspouts, and more.



Large amounts of rain over time can cause static pressure to crack foundations, some regions with ground regular movement can negatively affect the foundation. A foundation inspection by a professional who works in foundation repairs can be of great assistance when getting an estimate for repairs.



The Waterproof Group uses a variety of systems, such as the ones listed below.

Hold-Right® Wall Anchor System


This system is made from quality steel and is galvanized for a long life-span, with the assurance of being able to perform well in a variety of soil conditions. The Hold-Right® Wall Anchors have been uniquely engineered so they are able to straighten the foundation wall immediately when the excavation of the soil is performed on the outside of the foundation. Hold-Right® Wall Anchors are also able to straighten foundation walls over time with minimal disruption to your yard and landscaping.


The Hold-Right® Wall Anchors are a proven anchor system to secure and stabilize basement foundations.

Gorilla Wall Braces


The Gorilla Wall Braces® system has been engineered to exert force evenly along the wall to eliminate wall shear. Steel beams are attached to the concrete basement floor and the wooden joists above with the Gorilla Wall Braces® system to stop a buckling wall from moving further inward and to prevent further movement. The engineered floor bracket of the Gorilla Wall Brace® system requires no removal of the concrete floor.


The Gorilla Wall Brace® patented design utilizes three floor joists to distribute the wall load more evenly and to give it more pushing strength. The Gorilla Wall Braces® are continually tightened to push the bulging basement walls back to plumb over time – or with slight excavation done on the outside, the Gorilla Wall Braces® system can straighten basement walls in one day.

Carbon Fiber System

The Carbon Fiber foundation stabilization system utilizing the exceptional strength of carbon fiber to hold the wall in place. Carbon Fiber exhibits high strength to weight ratio.  The Carbon Fiber system is also an effective crack repair method because it helps stabilize the wall during future basement wall movement, preventing the crack from widening. The Carbon Fiber system can be used as a crack repair method on almost any concrete wall. The Carbon Fiber crack repair method can also be easily painted over.



Foundation Crack Repair


Small and large cracks can be repaired using a polyurethane epoxy crack injection on the interior of the foundation wall. The injection is designed to seal cracks and eliminate water and air leaks from basement walls.  Polyurethane epoxy crack injection repairs cracks and creates a bond that is actually stronger than the original wall.  These cracks can also be repaired on the exterior by hydraulic cement via excavation of the earth around the foundation wall. Most cracks can be repaired in one day. The proper and best steps needed for your particular situation should be determined by a foundation repair specialist.

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