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ABOUT US – The Waterproof Group

Waterproofing, Foundation Repairs and Commercial Roof Restoration. Our waterproofing and foundation repair solutions create a dry and safe space to help property owners save money on costly repairs. With over 42 years of combined experience, we’re the waterproofing & foundation repair go to experts of Metro Atlanta.


When homeowners, general contractors, and property managers hire The Waterproof Group to do a project, they clearly expect more. We know this to be true through online reviews that clients have been willing to complete and thus share their opinions with us. So when our clients hire us to do a job we’ve got to deliver more – more quality for a lower price, more problem solving, more communication, more coordination and so on.

PS: The Waterproof Group – formerly Morris Enviro. The same trusted family owned company you have come to trust and depend on.

Think of how you react when you feel like you get more for your money when you shop at a particular store. You want to go back and do business with that store again, don’t you? When we deliver more to our clients they want to hire us again and refer us to family and friends. Delivering more to our clients is the best job security we all can buy. By delivering more for the money than our competition, we always become the first choice when our clients need waterproofing solutions for their basements, crawlspaces, or buildings. Being the first choice means we will always have projects to work on and jobs for all of our people. The best companies and people always deliver more.


Do we go out of our way to handle things our client thinks is important? The answer is yes we do, and we must work hard everyday to continue this commitment.

Excellent Reviews & Reputation

The only way to get excellent reviews and the right reputation is to go out and earn it each and every day. How do we earn it? We earn it by keeping our word,  doing what we promised to do,  doing what we are contracted to do, and by simply being a good, honest company to work with – a company that can be trusted to do their job and go the extra mile with a can-do attitude.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most reliable and trustworthy company in the industry. Therefore, we work with individual homeowners, property investors, future buyers and sellers, management companies and contractors daily to make those goals happen.

We create healthy and safe spaces by providing the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and affordable service in waterproofing and foundation repairs in the industry.